Azur-Plus offers departure assistance to the employee/individual when leaving for a new destination:

  • Requesting the termination of the lease contract by registered letter
  • Visit of the apartment to give advice before the inspection by the leasing agency
  • Organisation of a final cleaning service (if needed)
  • Assistance during the ‘out-going’ inspection (état de lieux de sortie)
  • Termination of the phone/internet, electricity, gas, water and home insurance assurance contracts
  • Follow-up the refund of the security deposit/bond (can take up to 2 months)
  • Informing the local tax authorities of the departure (city tax/ taxe d’habitation)
  • Advice for closing a bank account
  • Assistance to subscribe to the French postal mail forwarding service

Moving management

Azur-Plus offers moving assistance in collaboration with our specialised partners:

  • Organising and obtaining 4 removalist quotes from specialised international removal companies
  • Guidance to choose the best quote
  • Over-seeing of the removal service logistics from pick-up to delivery of belongings