We are specialised in the long-term rental accommodation search and make use of our strong network of real-estate agencies, while making sure to follow the particular criteria, in order to find a corresponding property that gives full satisfaction. Azur-Plus will plan the visits and once a place has been decided upon, we will begin the negotiations until the validation of the lease is achieved.

Our service:

  • Get in touch with the assignee, send out a questionnaire and analyse the particular needs
  • Create the tenant profile
  • Research and select the available properties on the market that suit the profile
  • Visit the selected properties with the assignee
  • Negotiate before lease signing
  • Arrange home insurance quotations
  • Assist during the initial ‘in-coming’ inspection with the leasing agent
  • Arrange gas, water, electricity and telephone/internet contracts
  • Help-line available for two months for any questions involving the new home

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